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Can I teach myself hypnobirthing?

Updated: May 21

You may be wondering - can I teach myself hypnobirthing? Do you really need a class or can you do it yourself? After all there are plenty of YouTube videos out there, free audio tracks and books. How hard can it be?


You may think you've 'done' hypnobirthing as you've been to a guided relaxation class, they cover a bit of it in another class you go to, you read a book, or listened to an audio track, so what's the point of the full class?

Well you have much more to gain by learning from a hypnobirthing teacher.

You'll spend time exploring many different techniques to help YOU stay relaxed and calm - based on the unique way your personality works, your stress levels and the way your brain processes information - rather than just listening to a track or watching a video.

So often I hear people say visualisation doesn't work for them, they can't relax or their mind won't switch off - which is why working together with an experienced teacher who can show you how to make this work for you, is so beneficial.

 You and your birth partner will gain a good understanding of self-hypnosis and it's uses, so you'll have practical skills to make mind-calming and fear release work for you in all situations.

 Together with an experienced Hypnotherapist you'll be taken through ways to lower your perception of pain, and release fears quickly and easily.

You’ll learn physiology, to understand which muscles and hormones are working during labour as well as what can help or hinder this process.

You'll explore ways to make your birth environment work for you.

You'll be fully equipped to deal with intervention and changes in plan, so you can adapt to whatever your body & baby need on the day.

You'll learn about your options in labour in order to make informed decisions.

You'll plan together with birth partner many practical comfort techniques and you'll both be fully prepared and ready for birth.

It's all personalised to you, including specific work on any fears you or birth partner have.

 You'll know that it's ok to have fears - it's what you do with them that counts - and you'll know what to do to manage them!

You get ongoing support until birth, including additional face to face sessions if needed.

Any way you practice hypnobirthing will be of benefit, but as you can see, there is far more to 'doing hypnobirthing'.

There’s so much more to learn on the courses to help gain a practical and logical understanding of childbirth, so that you understand how to instinctively relax on your own, and why it is so useful for birth.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch for a chat!

Claire x
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