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Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation

Updated: May 21

Baby on the way and your thoughts turn to the birth - lots to think about, lots of people giving you their opinions and stories. Loads of birth info jumping out at you but you don't quite know where to start?

Maybe you have stumbled across this page and are interested to find out more about hypnobirthing birth preparation ..or maybe you have found hypnobirthing and are here because you already know it is what you want. So now you are pregnant you may be excited, nervous, or terrified about the upcoming birth. You fancy the idea of a decent course to show you some fab tips - but you wonder will hypnobirthing be too airy-fairy, not realistic, only for a straightforward or drug-free birth. You may wonder is it worth spending time, effort, and money on .. will it even work, will you be able to do it? I had all those thoughts myself when I was pregnant.

As a mother of four and an experienced hypnobirthing teacher established 10 years, I know how to address all your concerns and adapt this for you. If you want all the drugs - that's fine. It doesn't matter what type of birth you are having - this is suitable all the way from home birth to c section; it really is adaptable to all. I promise no-nonsense - this is no bull birth prep, no stage hypnosis tricks, just valuable, effective yet easy-to-use skills to boost your birthing confidence and banish the fears. Like the sound of this?

🌟If you want a no bull, honest, down to earth course.

🌟If you want to learn effective, easy ways to cope with whatever birth brings.

🌟If you want to be sure you can use these techniques whatever path birth takes.

🌟If you'd like a friendly, informal approach and to be taught by someone with excellent reviews, 10 years experience and who has used this themselves for their own birth - so has the personal experience too.

🌟If you want to be sure all you learn can be adapted to your own labour experience whether that's home birth, hospital birth, c section.

🌟If you want a good mix of mind calm, relaxation, confidence boosting and practical information about labour and birth.

This could be the course for you!

Packed with valuable, effective techniques to keep you calm, focused and ready for whatever birth brings.
Self hypnosis will help you master your calm for pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Birth partners will learn loads of easy yet effective skills to help you.
Taught in an honest, no bull way to make sure you have everything you need to make birth a better experience.
No fluffy nonsense, just realistic and effective techniques you can make work for you.

What will we cover on the full Hypnobirthing and Practical Birth Preparation course - around 6-8 hours.

The mind-body connection: What hypnosis is and why it is so beneficial for labour, birth and beyond.
✨The birth environment: how to make it work for you wherever it may be.
✨Ways to manage through contractions.
✨Effective breathing and deep relaxation techniques.
✨Self-hypnosis skills to banish fear and boost your birthing confidence.
✨How your body works during labour and what you can do to help it.
✨Ways to manage worrying thoughts so they don't get in the way during labour.
✨The stages of labour -how your emotions change during labour and what to expect physically. ✨Practical coping techniques.
✨Easy yet effective tools and techniques for your partner to keep you calm and at ease during the birth no matter what happens on the day.
✨Informed choice, how to ask the right questions and understand your options. How will this benefit you during pregnancy, birth and beyond?
✨ Relaxation and mind calm skills will be very beneficial during the last few weeks of pregnancy to help you adjust to changes both physically and emotionally.
✨By preparing your mind and body for birth, you will be boosting the beneficial labour hormones on the day while lowering adrenaline and fear. You'll have all you need to deal with whatever birth brings, even if things don't go to'll have it all covered.
✨Beyond birth the techniques of self hypnosis and mind calm are far reaching - many previous clients have used their Hypnobirthing skills to sleep better, to deal with stress of house moves, and everyday life for years to come.

Want to see how this has helped other people - see client stories here   

Private 1:1 course - £225

Deposit option and payment plans available.



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