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Will hypnobirthing help my birth partner?

Updated: May 21

You may be wondering how a Hypnobirthing course can help the birth partners. Sometimes the birth partners come along totally on board from the start. Others are a bit put off by the name, the 'hypno' part - and don't quite know what to expect. Of all the courses I've taught, my biggest fans have been the birth partners. Time and again I've been told that the course far exceeded their expectations, that it was nothing like they'd imagined, and that it was fun, engaging and highly useful.

Birth partners are always pleased to find they don't have to do anything embarrassing or silly on the course, and that the techniques they learn are actually really straightforward and easy (also that they can use the techniques for themselves too as you'll read later on).

So how does this actually help?

It gives you a good knowledge of the whole birth thing.

Whether you're a first-time birth partner or you've done this before, you can learn a lot from being involved in the hypnotherapy course.

✔️You will gain knowledge of the business of birth.

✔️You'll understand what to look for as labour progresses, in terms of how a labouring mother's mood changes and the different support you can offer as things progress.

✔️You'll be prepared for the unexpected - this will all be familiar to you on the day so you won't panic!

✔️You'll understand more about the importance of the right type of support you can provide to help your partner to labour more effectively.

The partners in the image below (shared with permission from one of my workshops) are looking at the timeline of labour, talking about what may happen and when, and coming up with support plans!


When you’re involved in the birthing process, you need a voice. You will need to be the birthing spokesperson at times, so your partner can get on with the business of birthing - the course will show you how to do this easily and effectively.

⚡You will have the tools and skills to effectively communicate with everyone involved in your partner's care: midwives, and the medical staff.

⚡You will know the right questions to ask the medical professionals and be able to voice her needs. You can also ensure your partner isn't disturbed unnecessarily.

The couple in the image below (shared with permission) are working together to make a plan of useful calming techniques.
Effective calming techniques.

The techniques we practice on the course are straightforward, easy to use and very effective.

You will empower yourself with knowledge

By working together with your partner before the labour, you can get a good insight into what she does and doesn't want.

You will have all you need to make the birth easier for you both (yes, I know she's the one doing it, but you can make it less stressful for yourself, too).

On the day, you'll have easy, effective techniques, so you'll know how to help.

You won't feel like a spare part and will have an active role to play.

Rather than simply saying "calm down" or "remember to breathe" you will be practicing ways to demonstrate how to calm down and breathe effectively.

Because you have practised this in advance, the mind has taken this on board and become familiar with it already. Then on the day, you will be able to use your own body language and breathing to calm, as well as help her rapidly take herself into a relaxed state.

✔️The biggest bonus to you as a birth partner - this is easy, simple and requires no complicated routines!

Master Your Mind Power!
A big benefit gained from the course is the ability to use the tools and techniques for everyday life. This isn't just for birth 😉.
You will learn how to use your powerful imagination to it's best advantage.

Some of the ways the partners have put this to use after my course have included -
👔Business - using personality based work to look at boardroom battles or team leading, for better communication. Some of the activities from the hypnotherapy course have actually been used in business meetings!
 ⛳Sport - Golf seems to be a popular one, with the self-hypnosis & visualisation being used for performance enhancement.
🚗Driving test nerves - yes the self hypnosis and mind calming techniques from a hypnobirthing course have been taken and put to use for a driving test!
🏡Moving house - the stress of moving house just before birth was made much more bearable for one birth partner.
😌Stress Management - the mind calming, relaxation and breathing techniques can be put to use in all areas of life.
Of course, all of this means you'll have very effective ways to support during labour too!

You will leave the course feeling much more prepared, and with a toolbox of skills to keep you both calm.

You'll find the course I'd actually fun, a laugh and the day is really informal.

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